Coalition Barometer: System drawings

Coalition Dynamic

The coalition’s dynamic refers to the positive or negative influence of differences and similarities between coalition partners on the coalition’s results, the quality of interaction, decision making, cohesion and the possibility of synergy and joint action.


Every coalition is different. The conditions, number of partners, diversity, context and the coalition’s objectives differ and the coalition partners’ capabilities and needs will never be the same. Coalition partners do not all have the same level of commitment at the same time and also do not make the same contribution to the coalition’s result. Coalition partners should be able to view themselves in relation to others and the coalition’s objective. Their contributions and ideas will only gain meaning in relation to the ideas and thoughts of others. Diversity is sought after in the formation of coalitions, however from the minute the coalition starts variety proves to be a difficult theme. Composition characteristics (e.g. differences and similarities in role, cultural, background, contribution to the coalition, history of collaboration, competitive relations, language barriers and geographic isolation of coalition partners) can raise the quality, but also the complexity of the coalition process. If a coalition has no vision of how to use the differences and similarities between the coalition partners, the coalition is superfluous. However, you have to know and understand these differences and similarities in order to be able to utilise them.

System Drawings

The Coalition Factory visualises coalition dynamics in drawings. These system drawings provide wide ranging information on the differences and similarities between coalition partners, on the coalition’s functionality, but also on functionality between the coalition, target groups and actors who can influence the coalition’s results (e.g. politics, the media, donors). The analysis of composition characteristics helps coalition partners understand why it is that the coalition functions the way it does and provides handholds for the further development of the coalition.

Bridging and bonding

The Coalition Factory assists coalitions to visualize the way coalition partners link their interests, capacities, actions, proposals, influence and knowledge in order to achieve a relevant coalition result. We offer them instruments to gain an impression of competitive mechanisms and complementary roles, to see where trust has to be created and where confusion has to be cleared up, to become more aware of differences and similarities in priority and interests, and to strengthen effective dialogue and collaboration.

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