Coalition Barometer: Capacity Scan

The Coalitions’ Capacity

The Coalition Factory describes coalitions ‘qualities in more general terms as ‘capacities’. Coalition capacity is system capacity and not the net result of adding up the qualities and influence of individual coalition partners. System capacity refers to the ability of the coalition (the system) to effectively create links between capacities which the coalition should have access to in order to achieve its goal. Assessments and observations concerning the capacity of coalitions, must be attuned to to the stage of development of the coalition, its character, scale, composition, expertise, field and zone of intervention.

Coalition Capacity Scan

We measure the capacity of coalitions with our detailed Coalition Capacity Scan. This tool is designed to assist coalitions:

  • to reflect on the relevance and quality of the coalition
  • to identify core areas for coalition strengthening and
  • to elaborate Terms of reference for external assistance in the coalition process.

The analysis of the coalitions’ capacities can be carried out via a combination of a dialogue with the coalition as a whole, individual interviews with coalition partners and stakeholders, file studies and observation. Analysing the coalitions’ capacity should always be part of the broader picture of the functioning of the coalition. The more objective facts and figures can be collected to ground a particular observation the better, but also less objective observations should be included.

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