Expert in The Art of Coalition

Successful cooperation in coalitions is an Art. Mastering this Art makes multi stakeholder programs and processes more easy to manage, more cost-efficient and cheaper to run.

The Coalition Factory is frontrunner and expert in the Art of Coalition. Our proven method is unique. We stimulate co-ownership of the coalition goals and co-creation of plans and processes from the very beginning. This results in increased influence and more effective contributions of all partners involved. Our approach is always tailor made.

Takes specific circumstances into account

The way in which development actors are involved in joint development programs can differ widely according to background, culture, code of conduct, management style or situation on the ground. Lack of appreciation of these differences can become barriers for effective co-operation and can cause stagnation of progress. We support our clients in dealing with these important differences.

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Fosters trust, collective orientation on results, decision-making and joint action

The greater the ability of all parties involved to create effective links between each other’s interests, objectives, capacities, actions and results, the more effective the cooperation will be.

Our approach creates opportunities for coalition-wide dialogue, joint analysis and a shared direction for problem solving. We strengthen cohesion and reinforce the orientation on achieving the desired results.

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