Manage a coalition

Effective and efficient work plans. Foster collective goals and decision-making. Resolve diversity issues. Put an end to conflicts.

Questions We offer
How can we ensure that partners share the same views on how to make the coalition strong and effective? Workshops that generate shared visioning and more rapid identification of (dys)functional cooperation patterns.
How can we ensure objectives and timings are achieved? An elaborate operational plan with key result areas and milestones.
How can we foster collective decision making? Principles for collective decision making.
How can we effectively coordinate our coalition? Tailor made coordination mechanisms.
How can we resolve harmonization problems? Code of coherence to safe guard focus on synergy en joint results.
How can we monitor results? Quality criteria and monitoring practice.
How can we resolve temporary management issues? Coaches, sparring partners or interim managers to address urgent issues.
How can we identify core areas for capacity strengthening? We offer a Coalition Capacity Analysis, attuned to the stage of development of the coalition, its character, scale, composition, expertise, field and zone of intervention.