Improve coalition results

Quality assessment, program evaluation and advice. Implementation of lessons learned. Put an end to stagnation. New perspectives, greater unity and pro-activity.

Questions We offer
How can we safeguard effectiveness of approach and cooperation?
  • A review of the actual results versus goals.
  • The Coalition Barometer © to analyse the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.
  • Value clarification, visioning and shared goal setting.
  • Knowledge of relevant best practices and pitfalls.
  • We offer a tailor made in company training programme: “multi actor processes in International Cooperation”. This task based training for professionals strengthens the ability to read and assess multi actor processes and to design interventions to improve multi actor collaboration.
How can we ensure continuous improvements in the way we work together?
  • A well structured learning agenda.
  • Interventions in trust building and coping with diversity.
  • Shared result and process responsibility.
  • Facilitation of evaluations and application of lessons learned.
How can we put an end to stagnation or relapse? Coalition wide interventions that assure recognition of individual interest and focus on the functionality, synergy and continued progress.
How can we improve the strategic positioning? Stakeholder and force field analysis in combination with effective dialogue.