Fundraising and management

Improve fundraising skills. Raise the quality of your profile. Matching development programs with funds.

Questions We offer
Where and how can we find the required funds? In collaboration with Warner Strategy & Fundraising, The Coalition Factory offers assistance in the search for worldwide funds that match with the goals, core activities, needs and particular characteristics of the partnership. For this purpose, Warner Strategy and Fundraising has developed the ‘Funding Scan’.
How can we raise the required funds?
  • Development of a fundraising strategy in line with the main characteristics and strategic positioning of the coalition taking into account opportunities for local fundraising, cost sharing mechanisms, Government funding and funding priorities set by potential donors or sponsors.
  • Support in the proposal writing process, especially for EU funding and Global Fund, but also other multilateral and bilateral funds, co-financing institutions and private funds.
How can we assure sound management of funds? The Coalition factory offers assistance in building the right financial management systems at the coalition level and linked to other organization systems, including fund management, investment planning, financial planning, budgeting and monitoring and financial reporting.