Form a coalition

Enhance ability to take direction. Convincing proposals for commitment. Gain stronger influence. Find the right coalition partners.

Questions We assist in
How can we initiate a new coalition according to our own agenda and dreams? Drawing up a plan with all the steps you need to take.
How can we find the most relevant partners? Analysis of issues and stakeholders to identify relevant potential partners.
How can we assure complementary roles? Profile description of potential partners and their expected contribution to dynamics and results.
How can we achieve a shared sense of ownership from the beginning? Facilitation of meetings with partners that are highly diverse.
How can we avoid duplication? Analysis of other current initiatives relevant to your coalition’s objectives and parties involved.
How can we raise the required funds? See fundraising and management
How can we ensure agreement on the way to go? Drawing up the partner agreement based on critical guidelines that are truly meaningful to the success of the coalition
How can we decide on go – no go for new coalitions? Assessing the presence of important conditions for a successful coalition.