Expert in the Art of Coalition. Together for better.

The Coalition Factory assists partnerships in international cooperation in building and managing stronger coalitions across an increasingly dynamic world

The Coalition Factory is a highly specialized and independent consultancy firm that inspires people and their organizations in Africa and Asia to chart their own course, follow their own agenda and gain access to funds to make their own development initiatives successful.

Together with our lively and specialized network of international and regional advisors we assist social development initiatives in building stronger coalitions between civil society, governments, companies and donors. Making Africa and Asia a better place to live.

Coalitions the way to go for social change

The world of international cooperation is changing rapidly. People and organizations that want to address social, economical or environmental issues increasingly join forces with a multitude of different partners knowing that effective cooperation, co-ownership and local solutions are critical to success.

They organize themselves in platforms, networks, alliances, consortia and communities of change. When they are engaged in joint action, we call them coalitions.

Our unique Art of Coalition method makes multi actor development programs and fundraising initiatives straightforward to manage, more effective and efficient.