Partners for the best expert advice

The Coalition Factory cooperates with strategic partners to ensure clients can benefit from the best expert advice. Pooling passion and commitment creates powerful synergies. Sharing knowledge and expertise strengthens all.

Warner Strategy & Fundraising

The cooperation with Warner concentrates on strategic positioning advice, fundraising for coalitions and strengthening of financial management capacities. Additionally we jointly develop best practices for coalition funding. Warner works with and for national and international organisations that aim for a biologically and culturally diverse, healthy, just and sustainable world. They also support organizations that stimulate social change such as ministries, funds and donors.


Strategic Connections

Together with Strategic Connections we work on the further development of The Coalition Community in East Africa. In addition the company works on specific public and private sector assignments in co-consultation with The Coalition Factory and other development organizations.

They operate region wide in, among other countries, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Northern and Southern Sudan.


Free man consultants

Free man management consultants (FMMC) is driven by observing savage, man-made and man-chosen inequalities. FMMC contributes in fighting these inequalities, especially those related to access to free quality education for people at the margins of the society.

FMMC aims at empowering people and organisations, enlarging responsiveness, transparency and accountability in organisations and reducing unnecessary complexity.

With The Coalition Factory FMMC supports the development and further growth of networks in which the (political) interests of vulnerable or otherwise neglected groups in education drives the agenda.


For Future Generations

Organizations around the world, and their stakeholders, are becoming increasingly aware of the need for and benefits of socially responsible behavior. With For Future Generations we explore and invest in the relationship between social responsibility and sustainable development. For Future Generations uses the new worldwide standard ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility to realize sustainable impact.