The people behind The Coalition Factory

Tine Veldkamp, leading advisor, partner

  • Multi actor dynamics
  • Programme development and programme evaluation
  • System strengthening
  • Quality of advisory processes

Tine is an International expert in the field of multi-actor dynamics, in particular those of programme coalitions, platforms, consortiums, network and membership organisations. She has a long history in Africa in the field of organisational and institutional development, management coaching in a multi-actor setting, programme development and capacity strengthening. She developed instruments to analyse the quality of partnerships. She has many years of experience in the capacity development of consultants regarding advisory quality, organisational development and multi-actor processes.

She is analytic, inspiring and result-oriented. She invests in tailor-made work. She applies the system approach and therefore pays a great deal of attention to underlying dynamics within or between organisations that influence opportunities for development, synergy and change.

Her working languages are Dutch, French and English.
Country experience: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Central African Republic, Chad, RDC, Ethiopië, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria,Rwanda,Tanzania, Togo, Senegal, Vietnam.

Klaas Atsma, leading advisor, partner

  • Multi actor approaches
  • Strategic and operational Management
  • Financial planning and management

Klaas is an international consultant in the field of strategic management and operational planning, financial planning and monitoring and evaluation. He has more than twenty years of experience in international cooperation of which more than 10 years as expert for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs/DGIS and more than 6 years as advisor and capacity building practitioner for civil society organisations. He was part of several consultancy and evaluation teams for the European Union, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other bilateral donors and worked on assignments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

In The Coalition Factory he wants to use his international experience and his background in management and finance to strengthen coalitions of organisations and people around the world working on social change and justice. Through his network of people working in international organisations he wants to contribute to the establishment of a strong coalition community. His working languages are Dutch, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Huub Sloot, associated consultant

  • Policy influencing
  • Capacity Strengthening
  • Impact assessment of lobby and advocacy

Huub Sloot of Sloot Consult bv supports people, organizations and networks in the field of policy influencing (lobby, advocacy and campaigning) in the sector of international development. His work is focused on capacity building (training and coaching) to strengthen local knowledge and skills, and on impact assessment (monitoring and evaluation) of policy influencing processes.

Huub has been working in the field of international development since his studies on Tropical Agriculture and Rural Development, and Rural Resources and Environmental Policy in the 80’s and begin 90’s. He has professional experience as a development practitioner, a development educator and a policy adviser and trainer, and has been working with civil society organizations in countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia for more than 18 years. He speaks Dutch, English, Spanish and French

Rik Lukey, associate consultant

  • Economic and social research
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Government and Non Government sectors

Rik is an independent research professional. After completing his studies in economic geography in 1990 he has been working for four different research companies in the Netherlands. Rik has been working on research assignments for all types of governmental and non-governmental organisations. His focus has been on economic research including labour market research, research on the housing market, and monitoring and evaluation.

In 2010 Rik decided to start his own research company, Lukey Kwadraat. Lukey Kwadraat has three main points of interest: economic research, research of the housing market and last but not least international development.

Rik is an experienced researcher when it comes to using different kinds of research and monitoring methods (e.g. desk research, questionnaires, interviews, modelling techniques). He speaks Dutch and English.

Sharon Becker, associate consultant

  • Strategic programme design
  • Campaign strategy design
  • Alliance building

Sharon Becker is a strategic programme designer and provides advisory services for organisations working in the field of international cooperation, environmental campaigning and corporate social responsibility.
These services include problem- and context analysis facilitation, strategy development and implementation, project management, programme development, coalition building, governance design, workshop facilitation, research coordination and developing fundraising proposals.

Sharon Becker (1979) finished her Master’s degree in Business and Organisational Management in 2004 and has since then worked for various NGOs in the environmental and development sector. She is the founder and owner of Beck on Track Strategic Programme Design. 

Expertise areas
Content expertise: Essential Services; quality of education; right to education; sexual and reproductive health rights; climate change; energy efficiency; renewable energy; climate policies; sustainable commodity trade and biofuels; sustainable fisheries; sustainable business chain development; corporate social responsibility.

Process expertise: Project cycle management; campaign strategy design; programme design; alliance building; workshop facilitation and training; problem and power analysis; Logical Framework Analysis; political lobby; corporate lobby; Public Private Partnerships; research coordination, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation; recruitment; proposal development.

Regional expertise: Bangladesh (2 years); Pakistan (2 years); Afghanistan (6 months); Burkina Faso (6 months); India; European Union

Joost van Hee, associate consultant

  • Project cycle management
  • Market access programs
  • Program assessments

Joost van den Hee enjoys supporting and co-operating with people, organizations and multi actor initiatives in improving conditions for rural livelihood development. His thematic focus is on enhanced access and participation of agricultural small holders in markets and his roles include design of impact oriented programs, monitoring and evaluation, support in institutional funding trajectories.
Joost has expertise in developing market access programs, project cycle management, facilitation of multi-actor processes and workshops, programme assessments and development . Thematic areas include value chain analysis & development, producer organizations, rural development, food security, disaster risk reduction and grass roots democratization.

After his studies on Tropical Agriculture and Rural Development (BSc), Joost has worked in Albania on rural development. He has extensive work experience in the Balkans, South Caucasus and Central and South Asia. Over the last 10 years Joost has been working as programme coordinator and manager, as advisor in economic development and as consultant he has done missions in Europe and Asia. Joost is fluent in writing and speaking in Dutch, English and Albanian.

Koen Wagenbuur, associate consultant

• Project Cycle Management
• Organizational Strengthening and Institutional Development
• Financial Planning and Management

Koen Wagenbuur is an economist with 15 years of experience with the implementation of development programs, both government-led and initiated by civil society organizations. He has developed a focus on financial management, and on management information systems that enable monitoring the performance of programs. His thematic areas of expertise include sustainable livelihoods, food security and urban development.

In 2010 Koen started as a consultant offering services in the area of project design, fund acquisition, evaluations, and interim management. He has facilitated processes of organizational strengthening and institutional development. Koen is convinced of the importance of forming strategic partnerships between diverse development organizations, donors and government institutions in order to create social change.
He enjoys building and maintaining relations with people of very diverse backgrounds.

For the last five years his work has taken place in the context of post conflict societies. Koen has experience working in Vietnam, Lao PDR, Samoa, Latvia, Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Zimbabwe and Haiti. His working languages are Dutch, English and French.